The Yangtze River Concert Hall plays the first concert next year.

The Yangtze River Concert Hall plays the first concert next year.

Fishing mouth peninsula (Daxukou District Committee Propaganda Department) The author recently learned from Dadukou District, the municipal key public facilities project – Daxukou District Fishing Peninsula Voluzi District Changjiang Concert Hall will start this year, planning The first concert in 2022.

  In recent years, Datutou District actively finds new economic growth points in the music cultural industry, seeking new motivation for industrial transformation, and gradually realizing industrial transformation and upgrading, and playing economies towards high quality development. In 2019, the municipal government considered the overall conceptual planning plan of the Yangtze River Culture Art Bay Area. The overall planning of Dadukou section in the Yangtze River Culture Art Wild River District is divided into the old steel sheet area, the mid-school eggplant section, the three parts of the fishing mouth peninsula area.

  Among them, the fishing mouth peninsula will focus on building the "Music Peninsula" in the southern part of the city, the city of humanities, with "Music + Culture, Wen Travel, Technology" as the main function, form a surrounding industry layout along the peninsula, Create a national music industry base.

  According to the plan, the fishing mouth peninsula will lay out "One Hall One Hospital One Camp and a Camp 1" 6 major cultural art facilities, the total land area, the total building area is 10,000 square meters. Become a cultural new landmark for showing the image of Chongqing Internationalized Metropolis.

  At present, the international collection of conceptual architectural design programs in the Yangtze River Concert Hall and the Yangtze River Conservatory of Music, in accordance with the planning time, the Yangtze River Concert Hall will begin this year.

  According to reports, around the industrial positioning, Dadukou District will vigorously promote the construction of music industry, introduce a group of music companies and music creative agencies, innovate and develop "music +" industry, form a variety of music creations, education, performances, copyright transactions. Industrial clusters in an industry state. At present, Chongqing original music copyright incubation base, fast hand (Chongqing) innovation center, modern sky and other projects and Chinese musician associations (amateur) music examination, Chongqing test area has landed.

  At the same time, in order to improve the influence of the music peninsula, create a music brand, Dadukou District will build the largest music supplies market in western continents such as musical instruments, audio equipment, music publications, establish a branch of the Chinese Musician Association, China Music Copyright Association, Promote the radiation of the music peninsula in the industrial park, affecting the country. In terms of transportation, five rail transit lines in the Yangtze River Cultural Art Bay Area Planning Layout have been built. Northern Roadway in Dadukou Section of the Yangtze River Culture Art Bay District (Dabin Road and Jiubin Road connectivity road, Phase II, Jianan Connection Road, Northern Dry Road), Baiji Temple, Yangtze River Bridge, 52 projects such as railway expansion renovation projects are advanced, and the internal road network of the fishing mouth peninsula is expected to be completed in 2021. (Correspondent Feng Yong) (Editor: Chen Yi, Zhang Wei).

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The stronger, the more you have to find your 40 years of understanding of Southeastern Town

The stronger, the more you have to find your 40 years of understanding of Southeastern Town

After 40 years of brilliant reform and opening up, we will continue to advance. So, how to look at the past grades, how to get a problem with the future, it is in front of us.

The development and thinking of Luo Shuo Town, Huishan District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province.

Luo Shu Town, the beginning of the founding of New China is domestic strong town.

As early as 1992, I was known as "the first town of Huaxia First County", in 2018, the national comprehensive strength is ranked 55th. Recently, the local cadres and masses have been deeply felt in the "Thought Sibbon." Received is not strong, will seize the opportunity Wuxi, once called "small Shanghai"; and Luo Said, once called "Small Wuxi".

In 1978, the per capita income of Luo Society was 134 yuan. The same year, only 22 yuan in Anhui Xiaogang Village, which was hundreds of kilometers.

In that year, Xiaogang Village farmers secretly engaged in "big bag", it is the performance of "poor thinking", but the driving force behind Luochuan is "rich and thinking".

In 2017, the per capita disposable income of Peasants in Thaell Town was 31051 yuan to compare the 134 yuan in 1978, an increase of more than 20 times.

In any case, the Ni Sin farmers who have been in the past 40 years, they can do so wonderful things, to achieve such a fantastic level – 40 years ago, traditional agriculture is the main industry in Luo Town, the industry is only Some small agricultural machinery maintenance, agricultural machinery parts production plants. Today, the town has formed automotive parts, precision machining, electronic appliances; nearly 60 sales income over 100 million companies, more than 20 million yuan; 2017 realizes billion yuan. He has served as the town culture station for 37 years, 68-year-old strong silver, said: "I am 28 years old, Luo Saican farmers only have sporadic cultural life; 38 years old, everyone is eager to ‘watch’ – watch TV, see performance; 48 When you are old, everyone starts to think ‘play’ – you have played back home; the piano moved back home; when I was 58 years old, I started to go out of Luo Society – show yourself; now I am 68 years old, I think about Yuro every day Cultural brand! For 40 years, Luo Society has won nearly 80 national levels, national civilized towns, national health towns, and the first township park, hospital, overpass, swimming pool, the first township park, hospital, overpass, swimming pool, Library; is the first domestic installation of 5,000 passage-controlled phones, the first savings break through hundreds of millions, the first township of "township art festival". Chen Yimin, who had served as the party and government office of Luo Shu Town, said that the reporter said in half a month, saying: "Take the current eye, there is a strong town 40 years ago.

I don’t think I am not strong, I will continue to grasp the opportunity.

Today, it is also a truth, use the future eyes, how much can I have today? "It is not strong, and it is expected that it is difficult to say" long-sleeved and good dance ". The average person thinks that the development is not difficult, and in fact, their difficulties encountered in 40 years have completely exceed their expectations.

Several memories of the entrepreneurial course, when the reporter’s face is crying.

Strong silver 娣 talked about the level of cultural undertakings in Town, Today, throwing a group of data: the annual cultural funding ensures three "one million": special events, cultural projects and personnel funds per million.

In addition, there are millions of dollars of cultural infrastructure and cultural relics protection construction funds. And when someone mentioned her as the "3 never did not" in the cultural station, the cheerful strong silver eyes suddenly emerged.

In 37 years, she has never had a rest day, holiday, never had a year-on meal at home, never go out to travel once. The Chairman of Huaguang Auto Parts Group is also crying in an interview. He said that he was very persevering. "I won’t play mahjong, I don’t even look at it, just want to work."

He said that he raised 60,000 yuan in 1989. Now the company has been an annual sales of more than 2 billion yuan of famous auto parts group, which is very calm; he tells yourself countless time to override the technical difficulties, running in Shanghai to send samples back Severeehere pain, lying in the train station for a long time, and it is very calm; but he tells a 40-box water peach to thank customers, his son wants to eat one, he is hard to give, instantly tears.

"Southern Jiangsu growing township enterprises, which home is not experienced, thousands of difficulties, thousands of mountains, thousands of words.

"The President of Luo Said Chamber of Commerce said to the reporter in half a month. Even if the starting point is very high like this, it is not guaranteed to be absolutely leading.

In the nearly five years of "Thousand Qiang Town" selection, Luo Society has risen year by year, from 2014, 55th, 55th in 2018, it is already quite not easy, and they have ranked 10th. "There is no longer strong town.

Recognizing that you are not strong, you can prepare for possible difficulties.

"Yu Zhang, secretary of the current town party committee, said.

It is not strong to recognize that Gu Zhanjie is currently the director of the Standing Committee of Huishan District, Wuxi City.

He has grown in Luo, once in Luo Society for 11 years, and two years as the secretary of the town party committee, and now others are still in Luo. He also cried in an interview, but did not talk about difficulties, but said that some grassroots cadres blindly optimistic, and self-righteousness, the news is not worried.

Since the 1980s, Luo Xinxiang Town has developed rapidly.

Since 1994, Luo Society has begun to gradually improving from collective enterprises to private enterprises. On the one hand, there is a huge development vitality. At the same time, some grassroots cadres have also faced a serious test of the market economy, and the relationship between government and business is unclear. The wind is full. When Gu Zhijie, he found secretary of the party committee, he found that although the economic situation in the town was good, the daily reception fee was high, and more than 4 million yuan a year.

He re-established a standard standard, compressed more than 3 million yuan; in order to reduce fiscal pressures, he revisited the job responsibilities and retired 99 "idlers"; he took himself and canceled the cadres; he stipulates that all projects must openly bidding It is regulated that herself and the sedentation are not specific to the project … The wind is in the air of the town, but he has sinned many people.

"My office is splashled 5 big manure.

He said with a smile, "I don’t care about these. To change people’s old habits, take away the interests of people, of course there will be resistance. Gu Zhijie said that 40 years of wind and rain come, every step is not easy, he is now the most worried thing, some people have forgotten the difficulties of 40 years, and blindly optimistic about the future.

"I feel that some people love to blow."

For example, in manufacturing, we Wuxi can be strong in domestic strength, but we have more places than Germany, Japan, the gap is not a little bit, but many people like to have more than people.

"Gu Zhijie said," We do have a proud place, but it is necessary to live in peace, can develop better and stronger.

Sing less praise, especially when I got a little achievement today.

Now, the following is the top, reflecting the problem, and must reverse this atmosphere.

"How can I do a truth from fact?" Don’t want to succeed, don’t want to make a fortune, you can do things truth from facts.

What we are lacking now is this kind of thing! "Said, Gu Zhijie’s eyes have poured a tears. (Talking about Li Can in half a month).

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South Net Duyun Power Supply Bureau Development Zone Branch: Warm heart service to help return home business

South Net Duyun Power Supply Bureau Development Zone Branch: Warm heart service to help return home business

"Sister, your colleagues are installing electric meters here, soon can be powered, it is so much for you!" Dragon Master Dragon Master, No. 21, Hheidong Village, Duyun City, Dragon Power Supply Bureau Development District Branch Customer Manager.

At the phone, the customer manager can feel the joy of our customers.

Although I often receive similar calls similar to customers, every time the customer manager still feels warm in his heart. It is reported that dragon master and lover have been working in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, after the death of the old people, I need home to take care of the child, so the two sons take the technology to returning to the technologies of these years, intend to start a small furniture processing in the ancestral house. factory.

Because the ancestral houses have lived, they have sold the electricity bills in the past few years, so they intend to re-apply for electricity applications after repairing the ancestral house. What is unexpectedly, it is only beginning to start the ancestral house, and the customer manager will take the initiative to take the initiative to use the electricity service. When I learned that the Dragon Master’s situation, the customer manager immediately surveared the on-site line, in line with the low-pressure industry expansion conditions, immediately officially accepting the expansion business.

From the business, go to the project approval, then to the installation, the project is only available for 15 working days. In recent years, the actual action has effectually actually fell to the implementation of the "three" services, putting the customer’s electricity demand in the first place, using the industry expansion policy, resolving the electricity problem of eligible customers, and help returning home business, Opening "Green Office Channel", providing a solid power foundation for rural revitalization, won the praise of customers.

(Editor: Gu Lanyun, Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see recommendation reading.

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Shenzhen 5 original dance works in the "Lotus Award"

Shenzhen 5 original dance works in the "Lotus Award"

Original title: "The Lotus Award" contemporary dance, the modern dance commentary is in the depths of the "Spring Festival" in the contemporary dance. The organizer is shown to showcase the image of modern art and reflect the spirit of contemporary Chinese.

From May 26th to 28th, the 12th China Dance "Lotus Award" contemporary dance, the Chinese Dance "Lotus Award, hosted by the China Dancers Association, the Chinese Dancers Association, and the Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China. The event is broadcast live in China Dancers Association, Shenzhen Literary and WeChat.

  China’s Dance "Lotus Award" is an approved by the Central Propaganda Department. He co-hosted by the China Literature Arts Association and the Chinese Dancers Association. The only authoritative and orientated Chinese dance art national award is now Symbolizes the expert award of the highest achievement of Chinese professional dance art. China Dance "Lotus Award" award cycle is two years, with a dance as a distinction, there is a dance, national folk dance, classical dance, contemporary dance, modern dance 5 children.

  This year’s awards have two contemporary dances, a modern dance ratio, 15 works. Among them, contemporary dance first played the "Mother I thought you" and other works in the Beijing Dance Academy. The second game will show the "Subsidiary", Shenzhen Opera Dance Theater Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Longhua District Cultural Development Center, and the Shenzhen City Cultural Center.

The modern dance specialty shows the "live" and other works selected by the Experimental Sort of the Central Drama Academy.

  Shenzhen has a total of 5 excellent original dance works such as "Angels", "Emotional", "Empty House", "" Angel "," Empty House ", etc." "Angel", "Empty House".

Among them, Deputy Professor, Associate Professor, Shenzhen University Dance Academy, based on the scene of the scene of white angel to save the wounded, "Angel", Shenzhen Opera Dance Theater Co., Ltd. Zhu Fengwei, Lu Chengliang, "Angel", "Decline", Shenzhen Dancers Association, Li Jia, a modern dance "Waiting", Li Junnan self-edited modern dance "empty house" and other four works are from "Shenzhen Dance". " The relevant person in charge of the Federation of Shenzhen Literature Arts said: "’Lotus Awards’ landing Shenzhen, we pay more attention to the opportunity of the awards, continue to have to force in the prosperity of Shenzhen dance, strive to make Shenzhen contemporary dance, modern dance creation Rendering a new look, bringing a new surprise to the audience.

"(Reporter Ma Jun Tong) (Editor: Zhang Chen Mu, Chen Yizhu).

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Shanghai: In de entertainmentlocatie is er zo’n "klein blad" vrijwilligersam.

Shanghai: In de entertainmentlocatie is er zo’n "klein blad" vrijwilligersam.

  People’s Network Shanghai 7 november (Gongsha) in de beurs is niet alleen een fase van economische en handelsuitwisselingen in de wereld, maar ook de jonge vrienden delen wijsheid, uitwisselen idee?n en praten over de toekomstige fase, maar ook "kleine bladeren" bloeien . Jeugd en tonen van self-stijl stadium. Het opzetten van patriottische gezondheid en gezondheid in de vrijwilligers in de Expo-vrijwilligers, wordt het vrijwilligersteam geleid door de Municipal Health Promotion Committee en de Communistische Comité Jeugd League Shanghai, Shanghai Health Promotion Center, Shanghai Control Rook Sociation, Shanghai Health Medicine The Hospital, The Qingpu District Gezondheid en gezondheidscommissie Specifieke organisatie-implementatie van de organisatie, elk van de taken, alle soorten ontberingen, nauw samenwerken en garandeert de gezonde vrijwilligersdienst tijdens de expo tot stevig vooruit en de effectiviteit te bereiken.

  60 "Kleine bladeren" Vrijwilligers zijn van Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shanghai Health Medical College, Vrijwilligers-service Inhoud inclusief tentoonstelling van epidemische preventie en controle, publiciteit, ruimtelijke gezondheidsdienstbegeleiding, raadpleging van noodhulp, het beheersen van sigarettenpropaganda.

Vrijwilligers voeren elke dag vrijwilligersdiensten uit tijdens de tentoonstelling, herinneren de exposant en het personeel eraan om het masker te standaardiseren, de sociale afstand te handhaven, de milieugezondheid schoon te houden, schending van de gezondheid, ontmoedigen overtredingen, roken en begeleiding om aan te duiden op rookpunten, enz. Mooi gezond landschap. Om de gezonde vrijwilligersdienst van deze tentoonstelling gedetailleerder te maken, "het bouwen van een volledige, breeddekte ingang, goede gezondheidspropaganda-sfeer" werkdoelen.

Belangrijke propaganda-plaatsen en -punten en propaganda-platforms omvatten de belangrijkste ingangen en uitgangen van de tentoonstellingszalen, entree Security Administration, Vrijwilligers Service Center, Medical Services Site, Board, Public Work Service Area, Consultation Desk, enz., Door te vouwen, posters, handheld propaganda, tentoonstellingsborden, enz., Uitgerust met promotie-gegevensrekken, enz.

Onder hen is onze Patriottische Health and Health Promotion Volunteer-team belangrijker, mobiele, mooie gezonde City Propaganda-visitekaartjes in de Expo. (Editor: AI YU, KANG MENGQI) Delen Laat meer mensen de aanbevolen lezen zien.

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Tianhe Airport "Double Eleven" ushered in peak, cross-border e-commerce goods increase twice more than double

Tianhe Airport "Double Eleven" ushered in peak, cross-border e-commerce goods increase twice more than double

Changjiang Daily News (Reporter Wang Qian correspondent Xu Rui Liu Ying) During this year, during the "Double Eleven" period, Wuhan Tianhe Airport cross-border electricity goods also ushered in a wave of peaks.

From November 1st to 12th, Wuhan Tianhe Airport has guaranteed more than 6,000 tons of foreign goods, including more than 70% of the international import and out of the port; cross-border e-commerce and international express mail increased more than twice as much as possible, annual cross-border e-commerce International express mail volume is nearly 44 million votes. Airport cross-border e-commerce goods.

"At present, cross-border e-commerce goods are mainly exported, and domestic ‘Double Eleven’ activities also attracted foreign customers, mainly some daily necessities, including clothes, shoes, handmade, etc., order goods flow from different ports from different ports At the Tianhe Airport.

"Hubei Airport Group Aviation Logistics Company Station Business Department Express Business Room is introduced to reporters," Double Eleven "period, the logistics company strictly implements the anti-pretactive murder process, the logistics park 24 hours patrol, to guide the operation of the vehicle, goods The station order is well. In order to do a good job in the safeguards of each ticket, in November, the Hubei Airport Group Airlines logistics company visited the resident cargo agency, according to the demand and recommendations made by the freight forwarding enterprise, formulated a detailed guarantee plan.

Freight agency enterprise actively cooperates, advanced forecast quantity, orderly inspection, in the divided customers ingredient delivery area wrong peak delivery, plus Wuhan Post Office Customs fully implemented 7 × 24-hour customs clearance, and the fideway extraction is significantly improved.

Staff hand in cross-border e-commerce goods. Freight agency enterprise China and foreign transport cross-border e-commerce logistics Co., Ltd. HUHU Bao Yun said that China and foreign shipping is a rookie partner, and in 2019, the cross-border e-commerce 9610 export business was started in Wuhan. To the Belgian Day, the whole car route from Santiago, Chile, so that the company’s business is growing rapidly.

"Due to the epidemic, many foreign customers are also online shopping. This year’s cross-border e-commerce goods have always been large.

This year, we had an average of 600,000 parcels per week from the Wuhan Tianhe Airport Express Supervision Center, sent to Europe and South America consumers. Bao Wei said that this year, "Double Eleven", they temporarily add a B747 full-goods shipping machine to Belgian Japanese, and 10 A321 guest reapacharable machines to Russia Moscow, helping Chinese goods faster to foreign consumers .

In order to improve loading efficiency, the airport logistics company passed the special guarantee by introducing the airline in advance, and realizes the direct transfer of goods under the machine, and the loading rate of goods has increased by 20%.

In addition, coordination of freight security checks at the same time, the delivery of Shunfeng, domestic library, post office Kankian inspection channel will be divided into 3 mesadeops. "There is a lot of domestic goods in this year than last year, but the order of the mine is still standardized. The vehicle has a smooth enterprise, and the transportation of the goods is faster than last year." Domestic goods agent Huayan’s live operator Li Mr. Li said.

The reporter learned that this year’s Tianhe Airport actively expands the postal route and optimizes international freight routes.

New Deldory, Mumbai, Hanoi, Hong Kong, Mexico City, Golden Nai 6 international and regional freight routes, international regular freight routes increased to 16, 1 international nourishment; successfully obtained 11 international mail routes Commercial qualifications, recovery and new Singapore, Moscow, Sydney, 4 posts in Sao Paulo. From January to October this year, there were nearly 10,000 tons of goods throughput in Wuhan Airport, which grew in 2019, including cross-border e-commerce and international express mail to enter and exit about 42.55 million votes in Hong Kong. It is nearly 27 times in 2019. , Realize the value of $ 100 million.

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Technology + Ecology + get rich in this world’s superior highway behind the world

Technology + Ecology + get rich in this world’s superior highway behind the world

Dangdiong interior. The picture is provided by the Tibet Autonomous Region Transportation Department with a long-term low temperature, high temperature difference, strong radiation, and has more traffic characteristics of heavy-duty vehicles, and puts forward high requirements for pavement anti-fatigue, anti-aging, anti-low temperature and durability.

To this end, the project used double-layer modified design, layered anti-crack design, and implemented the integrated design and full life cycle design concept.

What is the biggest difficulty in the construction? "It’s hard to stay!" The third-section of the third section of the La Expressway, the common text of the project manager, the common text of the project manager deeply sighed, "The high-precipitation is the severe challenge of everyone, and it is more difficult than the imagination."

At the time of just come, it has been high, and the head is 3 months.

"And he overcomes a lot of difficulties, choose to stay, stay in four years." Trim a highway to Tibet people, participate in such a ‘Tiancheng’ construction, very proud.

"This is the mission of Chang Wenjun and all roads.

Ecological Road Environmental Protection Input is over 400 million along Thara Expressway, there is a plateau flower sea. "It is of great significance to enhance environmental protection, landscape and promote ecological restoration in high-altitude elevation.

Wang Wei, director of the postal representative group of the mid-school, said. How is it created under harsh conditions? Chen Yongfeng, a four-part project manager, China, China, China, China, is on the meadow recovery ongoing. The stripped meadow is placed along the line, covering the shade network, and watering is maintained. After the road is built, replant it to the slope.

After making a good foundation, the local grass (flower) species that is more suitable for the plateau environment.

"" It is too difficult to grow in the plateau, and it is better to take care of your child.

"Later manager Zhou Yujuan said.

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Tweedehands auto-dealers veranderen de kilometaire tabel die wordt veroordeeld tot "Retreat One Lost Three"

Tweedehands auto-dealers veranderen de kilometaire tabel die wordt veroordeeld tot "Retreat One Lost Three"

  Samen met de tweedehands autohandel, kwamen een groot aantal gebruikte auto-transactiefraude-gevallen het gerechtelijk proces in. In het typische geval van Beijing, een typisch geval, herinnert de consument aan hoe ze tweedehands autovertredingsmijn te vermijden. Qu Mou kocht een gebruikte auto via een oud motorvoertuigbedrijf, en het aantal voertuigen dat door het contract wordt geleverd, is 10.000.

Na de aankoop, QU MOUDING De beoordeling van het bedrijf voor identificatie van het aantal rij-kilometers dat betrokken is bij het voertuig, toonden de resultaten aan dat de kilometerstand van de auto is gewijzigd; de werkelijke KM zou meer dan 220.000 moeten zijn.

Rustig betaalt 5.000 yuan. Daarna, Qu, met frauduleuze, het contract, dat door de vervolging werd vrijgelaten en de aankoopprijs teruggestuurd door het Old Motor Vehicle Brokerage Company, met 3 keer compensatie en het betalen van de beoordelingskosten. Het bemiddelingsbedrijf is van mening dat na de verwerving van voertuigen die betrokken zijn in het geval, het detectierapport bleek dat de indicatie een kilometers van 10.000 kilometer heeft, en het gebruik van de testgegevens aan Samuel, er is geen fraude.

  Het Hof oordeelde dat de kilometerstand van de tweedehands auto rechtstreeks de aankoopoptie van de consument be?nvloedt, die tot de reikwijdte van de consument zou behoren. Verweerster moet voorzichtig zijn ge?dentificeerd als een professioneel autoverkoopbedrijf en de consument informeren.

Het door het bedrijf uitgegeven voertuigcertificeringsrapport is geschreven in de vintage kilometers van het voertuig is 10.000 kilometer, maar het verslag is verduidelijkt dat de aflezing van de kilometerstand niet de basis is voor het beoordelen van de werkelijke kilometers van het geverifieerde voertuig.

De verdachte als een professionele operator heeft frauduleuze intentie. Het Hof heeft vastgesteld dat de twee partijen werden verkocht, het oude Motor Vehicle Brokerage Company heeft de aankoop, compensatie voor 3 keer compensatie terugbetaald en het betaalde van de voertuiginspectiekosten van 5.000 yuan.

  Rechter suggereert dat de auto-exploitant willekeurig met de kilometers verbergen of het gedrag van de Real Miles verbergt, en het is opzettelijk informeren over valse situaties, waardoor consumenten fouten kunnen maken, afhankelijk van de omstandigheden kan fraude vormen. Als er inderdaad frauduleus gedrag is, volgens de "Consumer Rights Protection Law", moet de auto-operator de wettelijke verantwoordelijkheid dragen om een ??verlies terug te trekken.

Als de consument wordt gevonden, als het probleem wordt gevonden, moet het worden getest door een speciaal voertuigbeoordelingsbedrijf, en het bewijsmateriaal moet op tijd worden verzameld om rechten op de rechtbank te claimen.

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The Department of Water Resources is directly under the union

The Department of Water Resources is directly under the union

The Department of Water Conservancy directly under the work union actively carried out the practice activities of "I do practical things for the masses" in the study and education of party history.On April 29, a health lecture was held, and a famous psychological expert was invited to master the psychology of Beijing Normal University, Zheng Jichang, a lecture on "mental health management and pressure adjustment".

Professor Zheng Jichang started from self-cognition and emotional management, analyzing the cause of psychological problems, advocating everyone to enhance health awareness, improve health management capabilities, and understand and eliminate bad emotions, and cultivate a positive sunshine mentality, and continuously improve the happiness index.Professor Zheng Jichang also shared rich experience in practical cases and psychological adjustment, helping cadres employees increase their awareness and ability to respond to sub-health.The Ministry of Water Conservancy Parts and more than 200 cadres workers at approximately more than 200 cadres in Beijing directly under the Beijing.

(Source: Party Committee of the Ministry of Water Resources) (Editor: Jia Zejuan, Zhang Tao Ying).

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The national court has undergone 700,000 cases of environmental resources in the past three years.

The national court has undergone 700,000 cases of environmental resources in the past three years.

As of November this year, the National Court established 21,49 environmental resource trial specialized agencies. In the past three years, the courts at all levels have reviewed more than 700,000 cases of environmental resource trial cases. This is what the reporter learned from the third national environmental resource trial work meeting held on the 10th of the Supreme People’s Court. Yang Linping, Vice President of the Supreme People’s Court, said in the meeting that the courts at all levels have strengthened the judicial protection of ecological environment, wild animals, natural human sites in recent years, and the awareness of typical cases with significant impacts, and play the active role of judicial in environmental governance. , Create a good atmosphere of ecological environmental judicial protection. The highest law data shows that from January 2019 to November 2019, the national court accepted 109,544 cases of criminal first-instance cases of environmental resources, and reviewed 100,300 pieces; 526,184 environmental resources, 47,9206; 166,623 cases of administrative cases were accepted. A 141272 pieces; 13024 cases of environmental public welfare lawsuits, 9706 pieces; 329 cases were accepted for the compensation cases of the ecological environment, and 206 were reviewed.

According to reports, since 2019, my country’s environmental judicial decisions have continued to improve, and the environmental resource trial organizational system has basically formed, and the number of trial function has been widely implemented. There are 28 high-level courts to implement trial function "three-in-one" inlet model. All local courts explore diversified cross-administrative districts centralized jurisdiction model and continuously deepen judicial collaborative mechanisms. At the same time, the highest law strengthens the sharing of environmental judicial case resources, promoting the United Nations Environment Program database to include two batch of 20 environmental resources typical cases and 4 environmental resource trial white paper, showing the world of environmental judicial practice. Yang Linping said that the national court will adhere to the petrochization protection and system governance of lagawa, the mountains and water, and strengthen the ecological environmental judicial protection, and promote the overall improvement of natural ecosystem quality.

Adhering to a good ecological environment is the most popular people’s livelihood, surrounding the highlighted environmental issues of heavy pollution weather, black odor, garbage, rural environmental governance, etc., and fully use judicial means to effectively safeguard the people’s environmental rights and interests. She also said that in combination with the characteristics of ecological environmental protection and environmental resources, explore the centralized jurisdiction of diversified cross-administrative districts, and realize the overall protection and system governance of ecological environment. Focus on the convenience of environmental judicial, comprehensively promote online litigation rules to prevent and solve environmental disputes in more intelligent ways. Adhere to and develop the new era "Fengqiao experience", relying on a one-stop multi-dispute resolution and litigation service system, more efficient and conveniently meet the diversified environmental judicial needs of the people. Dear users, "Chongqing" customers have officially revised to upgrade to "New Chongqing" client.

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