Monday, March 5, 2012

Vegan Myth: A Vegan Diet is Too Expensive

Do you think living a vegan lifestyle is too expensive? You're wrong!

Take a look at this--if you live in or around the Pensacola area stop by Bailey's Market on Davis Highway. You can't beat their prices.

Be sure to follow my recipes this week because they will involve all these items!

Here's the breakdown of what I bought:

-1 butternut squash

-1 pineapple

-1 large head of broccoli

-4 ears of corn

-1 container of organic baby bella mushrooms

-1 ginger root

-3 organic pears

-5 organic apples

-4 red skin potatoes

-1 coconut (yes a coconut! can't wait to use this)

-2 jalapenos

-1 mango

-2 large beets

This is about a week's worth of produce for us and the grand total....$30. Not too shabby.


  1. LOVE Bailey's!!! I used to go starting in the spring and all through summer and get peaches, watermelon and cantalope. They have the best. I miss it so much now that I've moved and have yet to find a (good) farmer's market in the Jacksonville area. Tried your berry smoothie- not bad....

    P.S. It's Kate btw...We went to college together and I helped you pick your wedding dress : )

  2. Hi Kate! Wow it's been so long I hope you're doing well. I'm glad you liked the smoothie. They're my favorite to make in the morning because they fill me up and are so quick to whip up. Thanks for commenting--keep following for more ideas!