Sunday, March 3, 2013

Vegan Dinner: Soba Noodles with Garlic & Ginger Almond Dressing

Happy Sunday! I've done it again thanks to did we ever live without it??? This dish took about 20 minutes total to make and its served cold. I did heat up the leftovers for lunch the next day so either way it's yummy-good. I also want to thank Appetite for China for the recipe basics...of course I made a few changes to make it my own.

The best part? This dish is packed with protein (another dish to argue when people ask, "you're pregnant??? how do you get your protein???).

Let me break it down...

Soy Beans: 11g per 1/2-cup serving

Almond Butter: 7g per 2-tbsp serving

Soba Noodles (made with buckwheat): 6g per 1-cup serving

...not too shabby.

This was my first time cooking with Soba Noodles and they're fantastic; made with buckwheat flour, low in calories, good source of protein and basically fat free with only 0.1 g per 1-cup serving.


-1 cup cooked edamame

-4 tbsp almond butter

-3 tbsp tamari

-6 tbsp water

-1 cup shredded organic carrots

-3 tbsp rice vinegar

-3 cloves of fresh garlic*, minced

-1 tbsp fresh ginger*, minced

-2, 3.1 oz packs of Soba Noodles (cook al dente)

-sliced lime for later

(keep in mind the FRESH garlic and ginger make all the difference, and feel free to add more if you wish, I love both and sometimes add extra)


1. Cook Soba noodles al dente, drain the water, run under cold water, then drain again

2. Combine almond butter, tamari, water, vinegar, garlic and ginger to a large bowl and stir well with a whisk to break down the almond butter

3. Add the carrots and edamame to soba noodles

4. Add almond sauce to noodles and coat evenly

5. Top with freshly squeezed lime



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