The national court has undergone 700,000 cases of environmental resources in the past three years.

The national court has undergone 700,000 cases of environmental resources in the past three years.

As of November this year, the National Court established 21,49 environmental resource trial specialized agencies. In the past three years, the courts at all levels have reviewed more than 700,000 cases of environmental resource trial cases. This is what the reporter learned from the third national environmental resource trial work meeting held on the 10th of the Supreme People’s Court. Yang Linping, Vice President of the Supreme People’s Court, said in the meeting that the courts at all levels have strengthened the judicial protection of ecological environment, wild animals, natural human sites in recent years, and the awareness of typical cases with significant impacts, and play the active role of judicial in environmental governance. , Create a good atmosphere of ecological environmental judicial protection. The highest law data shows that from January 2019 to November 2019, the national court accepted 109,544 cases of criminal first-instance cases of environmental resources, and reviewed 100,300 pieces; 526,184 environmental resources, 47,9206; 166,623 cases of administrative cases were accepted. A 141272 pieces; 13024 cases of environmental public welfare lawsuits, 9706 pieces; 329 cases were accepted for the compensation cases of the ecological environment, and 206 were reviewed.

According to reports, since 2019, my country’s environmental judicial decisions have continued to improve, and the environmental resource trial organizational system has basically formed, and the number of trial function has been widely implemented. There are 28 high-level courts to implement trial function "three-in-one" inlet model. All local courts explore diversified cross-administrative districts centralized jurisdiction model and continuously deepen judicial collaborative mechanisms. At the same time, the highest law strengthens the sharing of environmental judicial case resources, promoting the United Nations Environment Program database to include two batch of 20 environmental resources typical cases and 4 environmental resource trial white paper, showing the world of environmental judicial practice. Yang Linping said that the national court will adhere to the petrochization protection and system governance of lagawa, the mountains and water, and strengthen the ecological environmental judicial protection, and promote the overall improvement of natural ecosystem quality.

Adhering to a good ecological environment is the most popular people’s livelihood, surrounding the highlighted environmental issues of heavy pollution weather, black odor, garbage, rural environmental governance, etc., and fully use judicial means to effectively safeguard the people’s environmental rights and interests. She also said that in combination with the characteristics of ecological environmental protection and environmental resources, explore the centralized jurisdiction of diversified cross-administrative districts, and realize the overall protection and system governance of ecological environment. Focus on the convenience of environmental judicial, comprehensively promote online litigation rules to prevent and solve environmental disputes in more intelligent ways. Adhere to and develop the new era "Fengqiao experience", relying on a one-stop multi-dispute resolution and litigation service system, more efficient and conveniently meet the diversified environmental judicial needs of the people. Dear users, "Chongqing" customers have officially revised to upgrade to "New Chongqing" client.

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