Technology + Ecology + get rich in this world’s superior highway behind the world

Technology + Ecology + get rich in this world’s superior highway behind the world

Dangdiong interior. The picture is provided by the Tibet Autonomous Region Transportation Department with a long-term low temperature, high temperature difference, strong radiation, and has more traffic characteristics of heavy-duty vehicles, and puts forward high requirements for pavement anti-fatigue, anti-aging, anti-low temperature and durability.

To this end, the project used double-layer modified design, layered anti-crack design, and implemented the integrated design and full life cycle design concept.

What is the biggest difficulty in the construction? "It’s hard to stay!" The third-section of the third section of the La Expressway, the common text of the project manager, the common text of the project manager deeply sighed, "The high-precipitation is the severe challenge of everyone, and it is more difficult than the imagination."

At the time of just come, it has been high, and the head is 3 months.

"And he overcomes a lot of difficulties, choose to stay, stay in four years." Trim a highway to Tibet people, participate in such a ‘Tiancheng’ construction, very proud.

"This is the mission of Chang Wenjun and all roads.

Ecological Road Environmental Protection Input is over 400 million along Thara Expressway, there is a plateau flower sea. "It is of great significance to enhance environmental protection, landscape and promote ecological restoration in high-altitude elevation.

Wang Wei, director of the postal representative group of the mid-school, said. How is it created under harsh conditions? Chen Yongfeng, a four-part project manager, China, China, China, China, is on the meadow recovery ongoing. The stripped meadow is placed along the line, covering the shade network, and watering is maintained. After the road is built, replant it to the slope.

After making a good foundation, the local grass (flower) species that is more suitable for the plateau environment.

"" It is too difficult to grow in the plateau, and it is better to take care of your child.

"Later manager Zhou Yujuan said.