Tianhe Airport "Double Eleven" ushered in peak, cross-border e-commerce goods increase twice more than double

Tianhe Airport "Double Eleven" ushered in peak, cross-border e-commerce goods increase twice more than double

Changjiang Daily News (Reporter Wang Qian correspondent Xu Rui Liu Ying) During this year, during the "Double Eleven" period, Wuhan Tianhe Airport cross-border electricity goods also ushered in a wave of peaks.

From November 1st to 12th, Wuhan Tianhe Airport has guaranteed more than 6,000 tons of foreign goods, including more than 70% of the international import and out of the port; cross-border e-commerce and international express mail increased more than twice as much as possible, annual cross-border e-commerce International express mail volume is nearly 44 million votes. Airport cross-border e-commerce goods.

"At present, cross-border e-commerce goods are mainly exported, and domestic ‘Double Eleven’ activities also attracted foreign customers, mainly some daily necessities, including clothes, shoes, handmade, etc., order goods flow from different ports from different ports At the Tianhe Airport.

"Hubei Airport Group Aviation Logistics Company Station Business Department Express Business Room is introduced to reporters," Double Eleven "period, the logistics company strictly implements the anti-pretactive murder process, the logistics park 24 hours patrol, to guide the operation of the vehicle, goods The station order is well. In order to do a good job in the safeguards of each ticket, in November, the Hubei Airport Group Airlines logistics company visited the resident cargo agency, according to the demand and recommendations made by the freight forwarding enterprise, formulated a detailed guarantee plan.

Freight agency enterprise actively cooperates, advanced forecast quantity, orderly inspection, in the divided customers ingredient delivery area wrong peak delivery, plus Wuhan Post Office Customs fully implemented 7 × 24-hour customs clearance, and the fideway extraction is significantly improved.

Staff hand in cross-border e-commerce goods. Freight agency enterprise China and foreign transport cross-border e-commerce logistics Co., Ltd. HUHU Bao Yun said that China and foreign shipping is a rookie partner, and in 2019, the cross-border e-commerce 9610 export business was started in Wuhan. To the Belgian Day, the whole car route from Santiago, Chile, so that the company’s business is growing rapidly.

"Due to the epidemic, many foreign customers are also online shopping. This year’s cross-border e-commerce goods have always been large.

This year, we had an average of 600,000 parcels per week from the Wuhan Tianhe Airport Express Supervision Center, sent to Europe and South America consumers. Bao Wei said that this year, "Double Eleven", they temporarily add a B747 full-goods shipping machine to Belgian Japanese, and 10 A321 guest reapacharable machines to Russia Moscow, helping Chinese goods faster to foreign consumers .

In order to improve loading efficiency, the airport logistics company passed the special guarantee by introducing the airline in advance, and realizes the direct transfer of goods under the machine, and the loading rate of goods has increased by 20%.

In addition, coordination of freight security checks at the same time, the delivery of Shunfeng, domestic library, post office Kankian inspection channel will be divided into 3 mesadeops. "There is a lot of domestic goods in this year than last year, but the order of the mine is still standardized. The vehicle has a smooth enterprise, and the transportation of the goods is faster than last year." Domestic goods agent Huayan’s live operator Li Mr. Li said.

The reporter learned that this year’s Tianhe Airport actively expands the postal route and optimizes international freight routes.

New Deldory, Mumbai, Hanoi, Hong Kong, Mexico City, Golden Nai 6 international and regional freight routes, international regular freight routes increased to 16, 1 international nourishment; successfully obtained 11 international mail routes Commercial qualifications, recovery and new Singapore, Moscow, Sydney, 4 posts in Sao Paulo. From January to October this year, there were nearly 10,000 tons of goods throughput in Wuhan Airport, which grew in 2019, including cross-border e-commerce and international express mail to enter and exit about 42.55 million votes in Hong Kong. It is nearly 27 times in 2019. , Realize the value of $ 100 million.