Shenzhen 5 original dance works in the "Lotus Award"

Shenzhen 5 original dance works in the "Lotus Award"

Original title: "The Lotus Award" contemporary dance, the modern dance commentary is in the depths of the "Spring Festival" in the contemporary dance. The organizer is shown to showcase the image of modern art and reflect the spirit of contemporary Chinese.

From May 26th to 28th, the 12th China Dance "Lotus Award" contemporary dance, the Chinese Dance "Lotus Award, hosted by the China Dancers Association, the Chinese Dancers Association, and the Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China. The event is broadcast live in China Dancers Association, Shenzhen Literary and WeChat.

  China’s Dance "Lotus Award" is an approved by the Central Propaganda Department. He co-hosted by the China Literature Arts Association and the Chinese Dancers Association. The only authoritative and orientated Chinese dance art national award is now Symbolizes the expert award of the highest achievement of Chinese professional dance art. China Dance "Lotus Award" award cycle is two years, with a dance as a distinction, there is a dance, national folk dance, classical dance, contemporary dance, modern dance 5 children.

  This year’s awards have two contemporary dances, a modern dance ratio, 15 works. Among them, contemporary dance first played the "Mother I thought you" and other works in the Beijing Dance Academy. The second game will show the "Subsidiary", Shenzhen Opera Dance Theater Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Longhua District Cultural Development Center, and the Shenzhen City Cultural Center.

The modern dance specialty shows the "live" and other works selected by the Experimental Sort of the Central Drama Academy.

  Shenzhen has a total of 5 excellent original dance works such as "Angels", "Emotional", "Empty House", "" Angel "," Empty House ", etc." "Angel", "Empty House".

Among them, Deputy Professor, Associate Professor, Shenzhen University Dance Academy, based on the scene of the scene of white angel to save the wounded, "Angel", Shenzhen Opera Dance Theater Co., Ltd. Zhu Fengwei, Lu Chengliang, "Angel", "Decline", Shenzhen Dancers Association, Li Jia, a modern dance "Waiting", Li Junnan self-edited modern dance "empty house" and other four works are from "Shenzhen Dance". " The relevant person in charge of the Federation of Shenzhen Literature Arts said: "’Lotus Awards’ landing Shenzhen, we pay more attention to the opportunity of the awards, continue to have to force in the prosperity of Shenzhen dance, strive to make Shenzhen contemporary dance, modern dance creation Rendering a new look, bringing a new surprise to the audience.

"(Reporter Ma Jun Tong) (Editor: Zhang Chen Mu, Chen Yizhu).