South Net Duyun Power Supply Bureau Development Zone Branch: Warm heart service to help return home business

South Net Duyun Power Supply Bureau Development Zone Branch: Warm heart service to help return home business

"Sister, your colleagues are installing electric meters here, soon can be powered, it is so much for you!" Dragon Master Dragon Master, No. 21, Hheidong Village, Duyun City, Dragon Power Supply Bureau Development District Branch Customer Manager.

At the phone, the customer manager can feel the joy of our customers.

Although I often receive similar calls similar to customers, every time the customer manager still feels warm in his heart. It is reported that dragon master and lover have been working in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, after the death of the old people, I need home to take care of the child, so the two sons take the technology to returning to the technologies of these years, intend to start a small furniture processing in the ancestral house. factory.

Because the ancestral houses have lived, they have sold the electricity bills in the past few years, so they intend to re-apply for electricity applications after repairing the ancestral house. What is unexpectedly, it is only beginning to start the ancestral house, and the customer manager will take the initiative to take the initiative to use the electricity service. When I learned that the Dragon Master’s situation, the customer manager immediately surveared the on-site line, in line with the low-pressure industry expansion conditions, immediately officially accepting the expansion business.

From the business, go to the project approval, then to the installation, the project is only available for 15 working days. In recent years, the actual action has effectually actually fell to the implementation of the "three" services, putting the customer’s electricity demand in the first place, using the industry expansion policy, resolving the electricity problem of eligible customers, and help returning home business, Opening "Green Office Channel", providing a solid power foundation for rural revitalization, won the praise of customers.

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