The stronger, the more you have to find your 40 years of understanding of Southeastern Town

The stronger, the more you have to find your 40 years of understanding of Southeastern Town

After 40 years of brilliant reform and opening up, we will continue to advance. So, how to look at the past grades, how to get a problem with the future, it is in front of us.

The development and thinking of Luo Shuo Town, Huishan District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province.

Luo Shu Town, the beginning of the founding of New China is domestic strong town.

As early as 1992, I was known as "the first town of Huaxia First County", in 2018, the national comprehensive strength is ranked 55th. Recently, the local cadres and masses have been deeply felt in the "Thought Sibbon." Received is not strong, will seize the opportunity Wuxi, once called "small Shanghai"; and Luo Said, once called "Small Wuxi".

In 1978, the per capita income of Luo Society was 134 yuan. The same year, only 22 yuan in Anhui Xiaogang Village, which was hundreds of kilometers.

In that year, Xiaogang Village farmers secretly engaged in "big bag", it is the performance of "poor thinking", but the driving force behind Luochuan is "rich and thinking".

In 2017, the per capita disposable income of Peasants in Thaell Town was 31051 yuan to compare the 134 yuan in 1978, an increase of more than 20 times.

In any case, the Ni Sin farmers who have been in the past 40 years, they can do so wonderful things, to achieve such a fantastic level – 40 years ago, traditional agriculture is the main industry in Luo Town, the industry is only Some small agricultural machinery maintenance, agricultural machinery parts production plants. Today, the town has formed automotive parts, precision machining, electronic appliances; nearly 60 sales income over 100 million companies, more than 20 million yuan; 2017 realizes billion yuan. He has served as the town culture station for 37 years, 68-year-old strong silver, said: "I am 28 years old, Luo Saican farmers only have sporadic cultural life; 38 years old, everyone is eager to ‘watch’ – watch TV, see performance; 48 When you are old, everyone starts to think ‘play’ – you have played back home; the piano moved back home; when I was 58 years old, I started to go out of Luo Society – show yourself; now I am 68 years old, I think about Yuro every day Cultural brand! For 40 years, Luo Society has won nearly 80 national levels, national civilized towns, national health towns, and the first township park, hospital, overpass, swimming pool, the first township park, hospital, overpass, swimming pool, Library; is the first domestic installation of 5,000 passage-controlled phones, the first savings break through hundreds of millions, the first township of "township art festival". Chen Yimin, who had served as the party and government office of Luo Shu Town, said that the reporter said in half a month, saying: "Take the current eye, there is a strong town 40 years ago.

I don’t think I am not strong, I will continue to grasp the opportunity.

Today, it is also a truth, use the future eyes, how much can I have today? "It is not strong, and it is expected that it is difficult to say" long-sleeved and good dance ". The average person thinks that the development is not difficult, and in fact, their difficulties encountered in 40 years have completely exceed their expectations.

Several memories of the entrepreneurial course, when the reporter’s face is crying.

Strong silver 娣 talked about the level of cultural undertakings in Town, Today, throwing a group of data: the annual cultural funding ensures three "one million": special events, cultural projects and personnel funds per million.

In addition, there are millions of dollars of cultural infrastructure and cultural relics protection construction funds. And when someone mentioned her as the "3 never did not" in the cultural station, the cheerful strong silver eyes suddenly emerged.

In 37 years, she has never had a rest day, holiday, never had a year-on meal at home, never go out to travel once. The Chairman of Huaguang Auto Parts Group is also crying in an interview. He said that he was very persevering. "I won’t play mahjong, I don’t even look at it, just want to work."

He said that he raised 60,000 yuan in 1989. Now the company has been an annual sales of more than 2 billion yuan of famous auto parts group, which is very calm; he tells yourself countless time to override the technical difficulties, running in Shanghai to send samples back Severeehere pain, lying in the train station for a long time, and it is very calm; but he tells a 40-box water peach to thank customers, his son wants to eat one, he is hard to give, instantly tears.

"Southern Jiangsu growing township enterprises, which home is not experienced, thousands of difficulties, thousands of mountains, thousands of words.

"The President of Luo Said Chamber of Commerce said to the reporter in half a month. Even if the starting point is very high like this, it is not guaranteed to be absolutely leading.

In the nearly five years of "Thousand Qiang Town" selection, Luo Society has risen year by year, from 2014, 55th, 55th in 2018, it is already quite not easy, and they have ranked 10th. "There is no longer strong town.

Recognizing that you are not strong, you can prepare for possible difficulties.

"Yu Zhang, secretary of the current town party committee, said.

It is not strong to recognize that Gu Zhanjie is currently the director of the Standing Committee of Huishan District, Wuxi City.

He has grown in Luo, once in Luo Society for 11 years, and two years as the secretary of the town party committee, and now others are still in Luo. He also cried in an interview, but did not talk about difficulties, but said that some grassroots cadres blindly optimistic, and self-righteousness, the news is not worried.

Since the 1980s, Luo Xinxiang Town has developed rapidly.

Since 1994, Luo Society has begun to gradually improving from collective enterprises to private enterprises. On the one hand, there is a huge development vitality. At the same time, some grassroots cadres have also faced a serious test of the market economy, and the relationship between government and business is unclear. The wind is full. When Gu Zhijie, he found secretary of the party committee, he found that although the economic situation in the town was good, the daily reception fee was high, and more than 4 million yuan a year.

He re-established a standard standard, compressed more than 3 million yuan; in order to reduce fiscal pressures, he revisited the job responsibilities and retired 99 "idlers"; he took himself and canceled the cadres; he stipulates that all projects must openly bidding It is regulated that herself and the sedentation are not specific to the project … The wind is in the air of the town, but he has sinned many people.

"My office is splashled 5 big manure.

He said with a smile, "I don’t care about these. To change people’s old habits, take away the interests of people, of course there will be resistance. Gu Zhijie said that 40 years of wind and rain come, every step is not easy, he is now the most worried thing, some people have forgotten the difficulties of 40 years, and blindly optimistic about the future.

"I feel that some people love to blow."

For example, in manufacturing, we Wuxi can be strong in domestic strength, but we have more places than Germany, Japan, the gap is not a little bit, but many people like to have more than people.

"Gu Zhijie said," We do have a proud place, but it is necessary to live in peace, can develop better and stronger.

Sing less praise, especially when I got a little achievement today.

Now, the following is the top, reflecting the problem, and must reverse this atmosphere.

"How can I do a truth from fact?" Don’t want to succeed, don’t want to make a fortune, you can do things truth from facts.

What we are lacking now is this kind of thing! "Said, Gu Zhijie’s eyes have poured a tears. (Talking about Li Can in half a month).