The Yangtze River Concert Hall plays the first concert next year.

The Yangtze River Concert Hall plays the first concert next year.

Fishing mouth peninsula (Daxukou District Committee Propaganda Department) The author recently learned from Dadukou District, the municipal key public facilities project – Daxukou District Fishing Peninsula Voluzi District Changjiang Concert Hall will start this year, planning The first concert in 2022.

  In recent years, Datutou District actively finds new economic growth points in the music cultural industry, seeking new motivation for industrial transformation, and gradually realizing industrial transformation and upgrading, and playing economies towards high quality development. In 2019, the municipal government considered the overall conceptual planning plan of the Yangtze River Culture Art Bay Area. The overall planning of Dadukou section in the Yangtze River Culture Art Wild River District is divided into the old steel sheet area, the mid-school eggplant section, the three parts of the fishing mouth peninsula area.

  Among them, the fishing mouth peninsula will focus on building the "Music Peninsula" in the southern part of the city, the city of humanities, with "Music + Culture, Wen Travel, Technology" as the main function, form a surrounding industry layout along the peninsula, Create a national music industry base.

  According to the plan, the fishing mouth peninsula will lay out "One Hall One Hospital One Camp and a Camp 1" 6 major cultural art facilities, the total land area, the total building area is 10,000 square meters. Become a cultural new landmark for showing the image of Chongqing Internationalized Metropolis.

  At present, the international collection of conceptual architectural design programs in the Yangtze River Concert Hall and the Yangtze River Conservatory of Music, in accordance with the planning time, the Yangtze River Concert Hall will begin this year.

  According to reports, around the industrial positioning, Dadukou District will vigorously promote the construction of music industry, introduce a group of music companies and music creative agencies, innovate and develop "music +" industry, form a variety of music creations, education, performances, copyright transactions. Industrial clusters in an industry state. At present, Chongqing original music copyright incubation base, fast hand (Chongqing) innovation center, modern sky and other projects and Chinese musician associations (amateur) music examination, Chongqing test area has landed.

  At the same time, in order to improve the influence of the music peninsula, create a music brand, Dadukou District will build the largest music supplies market in western continents such as musical instruments, audio equipment, music publications, establish a branch of the Chinese Musician Association, China Music Copyright Association, Promote the radiation of the music peninsula in the industrial park, affecting the country. In terms of transportation, five rail transit lines in the Yangtze River Cultural Art Bay Area Planning Layout have been built. Northern Roadway in Dadukou Section of the Yangtze River Culture Art Bay District (Dabin Road and Jiubin Road connectivity road, Phase II, Jianan Connection Road, Northern Dry Road), Baiji Temple, Yangtze River Bridge, 52 projects such as railway expansion renovation projects are advanced, and the internal road network of the fishing mouth peninsula is expected to be completed in 2021. (Correspondent Feng Yong) (Editor: Chen Yi, Zhang Wei).